About Us

Braintree Community Arts Center is a building in the town of Braintree which has been designated as a COMMUNITY ARTS CENTER. This is a town owned building which falls under the Department of Parks and Recreation. All monies, transactions and enrollment is secured through the Parks and Recreation Website.

The building was donated to the town. It was gutted and renovated by Blue Hills Regional High School and some of the Braintree Departments. The building is currently maintained by the Braintree Facilities Department. A group of Braintree residents got together and rallied that the building be designated as an ARTS center. Fundraisers, Open Houses, meetings and Classes have been held at this amazing building.

The BCAC is run by volunteers and has a board. This board consists of residents in the town. We have people with many different interests on the boards. Artists, teachers, writers, wellness/yoga and musicians. The “Creative Souls” group meets once a month usually the last Monday of the month to gather, generate ideas and come up with plans for the future of BCAC.

Classes range. There are kids, middle school, high school and adult classes. Girl Scouts and Veterans meet in the building. There are workshops and classes held on site.

There is a partnership with the Braintree Cultural Council which uses the building as their “home base” for community meetings, gatherings and grant decision making.

Anyone with interest of serving on the BCAC board, or would like more information please contact: Heidi L. Hurley (Creative Director of BCAC) at: Braintreecommartscenter@gmail.com.

The Board

Chair: Donna Marks: is a graphic and web designer with many years of experience as a multimedia advertising and marketing artist at the Patriot Ledger and the Boston Herald. A life-long learner and lover of all arts, she has many ideas for future offerings at the center. Donna is also a Girl Scout Leader who will share the center with her first-grade troop of Daisies!

Vice Chair: Nicole Tillman: is a passionate Creative Soul who loves to share her love for anything arts and crafts. Nicole has been very active in East Braintree and has run many programs with her neighborhood.

Secretary/Media: Heidi Hurley: is the “Creative Director” of the BCAC. A retired Art and Design director of Braintree Public Schools and retired art and design educator of 32 years. She has experience in all age levels K-12 and has taught Adult Art and Design Classes. Her goal is to keep the center ALIVE!

Finance/Budget: Maureen Nasr: is an admin assistant for the Director of Music, Art and Phys. Ed for Braintree Public Schools. She loves all things community and is very happy to help our center grow.

Barbara Sullivan Board Member: is a Kindergarten teacher and patron of the arts. Barbara is an exceptional artist and watercolor painter. Barbara is one of the original founders of the BCAC

Linda Lauria Board Member : is a retired elementary school teacher. She has been supportive and helpful on all aspects of the BCAC.

Kathy Petrelli Board Member : a person of passion and fun. Loves to laugh and share her love of everything beautiful. Kathy is a wonderful addition to our center!

Fred Foley Board Member: a lover of Corvettes and anything cars. Fred joined us because he would love to see adult classes offered. He has lots of ideas.

Supporters/Creative Souls

Emily Ego: is the Co-Chair of the Braintree Cultural Council. Emily is full of exciting and fun ways to promote the arts in the town.

Christopher Griffin: is the director of the Braintree Parks and Recreation. Chris is knowledgeable and supportive of everything BCAC!

Lisa Korzec: has been with the BCAC since the start. Lisa was the manager for many years at BCAC and is one of the main reasons the center has done so well.

Anne Stuart: is a writer and Co-Chair of the Braintree Cultural Council. Anne brings our council the experience and professionalism that entails running a board and center.

Donna Wise: is a CREATIVE and energetic Kindergarten teacher. A lover of all arts.


Linda Schatz: has loved observing, creating and teaching art all her life. She has a BS Degree in Art from Skidmore College in 1981 and a MAT Degree from the Rhode Island School of Design in 1982. She has taught art at many places since 1982 including substituting in art at the Abington, Holbrook, Randolph and Boston Public School Systems, as well as being the Art Teacher at the Stoughton and Norwood Extended Day Programs. Now retired from NED, she has recently been teaching kid’s art classes and Adult Acrylic Painting classes at the Ellison Center in Duxbury.