Open Art Studio

Open Art Studio is usually held Thursday afternoons 1:00-3:00pm. You have the option to pay per class or buy a “Pack”.

Each week will have a focus on a technique, media or element of design. Your choice to join in, or work on your own. No structure, no worries. A time to enjoy and relax.

Some materials will be available to try out each week. You are encouraged to bring your own if you have some.

WEEK ONE: Have you ever tried to mix colors? How do you make orange? Green or Purple? These artists explored mixing color and painting a round shape with a piece of cardboard.

WEEK TWO: This week’s focus was on highlight and shading with graphite and pastels. Nothing better than trying to figure our color only using greyscale. I think these are great!

WEEK THREE: Apples, apples apples. Again, this week, the focus was on observation. We drew an apple two ways, one FLAT grey-scale picture and one from real life observation. Which one worked best?

WEEK FOUR: Where have all the beautiful leaves gone? This week we explored color and water colors. Testing out the different brands, hues and mixing.. exploring an imaginary landscape.

WEEK FIVE: Sorry no photos. This week we focused on the shape of rocks and created rock walls. Imaginary places surrounded by nature.