the sky’s the limit gallery

APR vacation 2023

During April school Break students in grades 2-6 Created and Explored another FUN session of the “Sky’s the Limit!”

Tuesday we created Kindness Rocks and Decorated our sky mural.. and of course FACE painting

Wednesday we designed our own “Earth Day” canvas tote bags and created our own Kookie Crazie Puppets!!



FEB vacation 2023

During February school break, 2nd and 3rd graders came to Braintree Community Arts Center to CREATE, EXPLORE and HAVE FUN!

Tuesday we created intention boxes, made a mural about the sky, made sky ornaments, had some wicked awesome face painting done by the National Art Honor Society, sang songs and played games and finally we created our own wind and sky with three of our students!

Wednesday we heard the story of the “Interrupting Chicken”, created action figures and explored journals. We created rocket ships and exciting imaginative things our of tp tubes and foil, created our own wind or water waves. We (of course) had amazing face painting done, enjoyed stickers and created our own constellations!

Thursday we designed our own gratitude journals, listened to the Tibetan bowl and picked out our favorite smell of lemon and orange! We created a HUGE bird mural, played some games, sang MORE songs. We explored with play-do, made boxes, made our own stickers and clouds!! At the END of the day we had CHOICE!!!!! A GREAT day.

Friday was an awesome day. We created affirmation cards and shared them with our friends. Today we picked our aromatherapy oils and played the Tibetan Bell again! AWESOME. We spent the day today creating our own “sky” masterpieces! The first part was the sky which we painted with CARDBOARD! It was so much fun. After the canvas dried we added our details.

A WONDERFUL week full of activities, songs and FUN. Some big hits were: ZED and SHANNON! Making our own stickers, plastic bugs, FACE PAINTING, colored pipe cleaners, FREE CHOICE and singing “Iga Flyga Fleega Flyga, Ishka Nishka, Niga Naga, Iga Flyga Fleega Flyga BIRRRRRRRDY!”